Machine Learning - An Overview

Photo by Lenin Estrada on Unsplash

What is Machine Learning
Machine Learning comprises of various techniques and algorithms to make a constant corrective program. It differs from hardwired programming in a manner that the later is a set of instructions to perform a fixed task while Machine Learning is not just a set of instructions programmed but incorporated with data in such a way that results after every run can be different and more accurate.
What are the various Machine Learning Algorithms
Machine Learning is broadly classified into Supervised and Unsupervised Learning. Supervised Learning incorporates data sets that are labeled e.g. when we use the dataset of patients suffering from a particular disease in a machine learning problem and we have their set of symptoms at our hand, then, the case can be called supervised learning. On the other hand, the learning procedures involving unlabelled data come under unsupervised learning. Various categories of ML Algorithms are summarized below:
  1. Supervised Learning
  2. Unsupervised Learning